Bentag NS-216 Mens Beard Trimmer Blue

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Excelente corte funcions.
Cable/inalambrico operacion memoria utilizando no la bateria de Ni-Cd. Cargon para 8 horas, el clipper allows about 45 minutos de funcionamiento sin cable.
Cuando estan en la maquinilla de bateria baja, clipper pueden trabajar en red.
Facil de limpiar Y cambiar las hojas heas UPCT cortar suavemente, se lo quite, Y aceis luego de limpiar o sustituir las hojas

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This cordless trimmer from Perfect Nova is a stunning piece. Grab this trimmer and enjoy hassle-free grooming experience at home. Easy to Use This trimmer ensures ease of use, thanks to its ergonomic design. So look dashing and trim your beard and your underarms and be party-ready always. A Must-Have Grooming Kit This trimmer is not just a device used for trimming. It comes with a number of other attachments which will ensure that you look groomed. Its stainless steel blade and free floating head will give you a complete and clean trim without cutting or damaging your skin. Rechargeable Whether you are at home or holidaying, with this trimmer in handy, you don???t have to worry about looking shabby as this trimmer is rechargeable and can be carried along with you wherever you.


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